GO Month Project 2017

January - December 2017:

January: Small kitchen items for The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio   http://furniturebankcoh.org/

March: Baby items for Baby Bonus Basket (Moundsville) http://www.appalachianoutreaching.org/projects.php

· Small Laundry basket 

· New born diapers, Diaper bag 

· Baby blanket or afghan, Receiving Blanket , Bibs, Hooded Bath Towel,  Baby Wash Cloth

· Baby Shampoo, Baby Powder, Baby Wipes, Diaper Rash Ointment, Vaseline, Baby Oil, Q- Tips

· Baby Lotion,  Thermometer, Infant nail clippers, Brush / comb

· Rattles, Teething Ring, Pacifiers 

· Bottles / Nipples, Spoons

· Sleepers, Onesies, Shoes / Socks, Hats  

· Small Stuffed Animal, Story Book


Art Supplies (construction paper, glue sticks) for Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery (Athenshttp://www.ovmod.org/ : Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery - Art and Science Supplies

  • Paper (especially construction paper and card stock)
  • "Science" supplies (microscopes, beakers, test tubes, goggles)
  • Bins (transparent, all sizes)
  • Balloons
  • Food coloring
  • Hot glue sticks
  • School glue
  • Plastic painting smocks
  • Nuts/bolts, 'tinkering' supplies

May: Cell phones for Summit Medina Battered Women's Shelter (Akron/Stow) http://scmcbws.org/ and 

Eyeglasses for Stow Monroe Falls Lions Club (Akron/Stow)   http://www.smflions.com/community_projects

July: Shoes for Well of Hope (Dayton) 


September: Toiletries for Cherry Street Mission (Toledo)  https://www.cherrystreetmission.org/give/items

November: Socks (pairs and singles) for Maggie's Matches (Columbus)  http://www.maggiesmatches.com/



2015 at Ronald McDonald House

As part of our GO Month project, we will be baking cookies from scratch. Tired parents will return to the house for needed rest and rejuvenation and some home baked goodness.

Baking supplies donated by Auction Ohio

Having organized store rooms will allow volunteers to quickly prepare rooms for needy families.

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