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The 7-year old organizer!

05 Nov 2020 9:10 AM | Olive Wagar (Administrator)

My 7-year old granddaughter knows what it means to be organized! When she came for a recent visit, she wasted no time unpacking her suitcase and setting up her things in my guest room. In fact, she politely asked me to empty out my vanity drawers so she could neatly arrange her clothes and books.  She cleared off the top of the vanity and carefully set aside my items in the corner of the room. Then she thoughtfully placed her doll and hair accessories where she wanted them to be. She finished getting settles by arranging her (many) stuffed animals along the top of the bed. She made it her space and she kept it neat and tidy during her 5-day stay. 

Maybe we could all learn a thing or two from this sweet little girl!

  • She had out the things that were special to her so that she could enjoy them.
  • She gave each item a home so that she knew where to put each item when she was finished with it.
  • She genuinely enjoyed creating and maintaining a sense of order.
  • Did I mention she is 7 years old?!

Last summer during a visit, she asked me to help her organize her room. We sorted through her books, papers, toys, supplies, and treasures. She chose which ones to keep. Then she made the labels – in her own handwriting – for each of the drawers. She was so pleased and proud when we finished.

So what was her simple organizing method?

  • Making decisions
  • Setting limits
  • Using labels
  • Enjoying the space

At 7 years old, she is getting an early start at creating and maintaining a sense of order.  Who knows --maybe she is getting an early start at becoming a professional organizer too!! At any rate, hopefully her story will bring a smile to your face and a dose of encouragement to your heart to take the time to organize one small area in your home today!!

This post originally appeared on www.organizedbyolive.com.

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