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Christmas: Adjusting Your Giving & Receiving

03 Dec 2020 8:12 PM | Ellen Limes, CPO® (Administrator)

Ah, Christmas! The time of giving and receiving and receiving and receiving!

Many people get overwhelmed with Christmas and want to reduce the volume of gifts.  Whether is it giving or receiving, there is volume.  If you are longing for a simpler time, there is no time like the present to begin.

The most difficult part is starting the discussion. Ideally, these discussions should take place before the “season”, but right now can work too. If you are broaching the subject with your extended family, try to schedule a multi person call so all those involved can hear it all.  Emailing to start the conversation is another possibility.  As great as technology is, there also are faults.  Many times, feelings are hurt, things are read and interpreted wrong as well as misconstrued.  Be sure to think through your email before pressing SEND.  If you are raising the discussion with the members of your household, consider starting new traditions that might not involve physical “gifts”.

Whatever your intent, make sure that others know this is how YOU feel.  They can join you in your desire to “reduce” or they can hopefully understand where you are coming from in your desire to reduce.  Not everyone is going to understand why you feel this way, but you are entitled to your opinion.  Be sure to not appear judgmental. This is what you need to do for you.

In addition to changing the influx of gifts, you might also consider the present volume of things in your home.  Asking yourself some questions may help you get some answers.  For instance, are you happy in your home? Are there aspects of your home that frustrate you? Do you feel comfortable inviting people into your home? And most importantly, can you get your car in the garage? Once you determine if there is a need, or better yet a want, to make a change, then you are half-way there. Sometimes the vision of a Professional Organizer can enlighten you to things you had not considered. A fresh set of eyes can help you reveal a brand-new home for you to enjoy during the holidays and beyond.

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